Equipment List

  • Copy of your health form Parts A&B

  • Tarp or large heavy weight plastic ground cloth

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Work Gloves & Work Clothes (we may be painting)

  • Rain Gear

  • Jacket or Coat (if necessary)

  • Scout Uniform (required) & Scout hat or cap if desired

  • Any medications

  • Boots are recommended or sturdy shoes (remember the grass does get wet in the morning and we will be working during the Ordeal)

  • Water Bottle

  • Tent (to be used after the completion of the Ordeal Ceremony during conference on Saturday night)


The Ordeal candidate will be provided all food and drink during the weekend. There is no need to bring any cooking items. During the Ordeal the candidate will receive very small portions of food during day followed by a large evening meal prior to the Ordeal Ceremony. All Ordeal Candidates receive the same amount of food as this is part of the ritual. The food provided during the work day will meet minimum daily requirements of nutrition. Candidates with health restrictions should provide the information on the Health Form and make note on the online registration. If there are concerns, please contact either the Lodge Adviser or Associate Lodge Adviser.

Ordeal Candidates will sleep under the stars the first evening. The candidates may use a ground cloth and sleeping bag the first evening.  No additional camping equipment is allowed during the candidate’s Ordeal. After the completion of the Ordeal Ceremony, the new Ordeal member will use a tent to sleep in (conference on Saturday night).  Any other items desired can be used Saturday night.